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A curated collection that transcends stereotypes.

Thank you for visiting our store. We put a lot of thought into the products we offer and how we offer them.

Thoughts about style. We love versatility. Our goal is to find items that are easy to wear and allow you freedom to create multiple looks, no matter your gender, age or size.

Thoughts about non-judgment. We don’t have a men’s or women’s section. Nor a plus-size section. Some of our garments come from brands that cater to traditional markets. We are inclusive, but we also want you to have variety. We do our best to be transparent about size and fit so you can decide if something is right for you. You can shop with us without judgment of which department you are in. 

Thoughts about fabric and quality. Polyester and other plastic fabrics are pervasive, and each day we become more aware of the negative effects on our health and environment. So we look for garments made of natural and/or sustainable fibers, including linen, hemp, and cotton (organic, when possible). We also look for quality construction that can be enjoyed many times over. In a world where fast fashion dominates, this means we have fewer options to offer you. But we value you too much not to be selective.

Have thoughts about what you’d like to see in our collection? Share them here.