Beautiful Day at the Beach. Photo by Brodie Vissers on Burst.

In Your Element

Earth, air, water, fire. Our ancestors believed these elements of the physical universe also represent energy within each of us, influencing our natural strengths and preferences. We echo this idea today when we say a person is “in their element,” doing what feels most natural and suitable to them. Here at Hide & Lace, we believe embracing our strengths helps us reach our potential. To show our appreciation of you in your element, we’re grouping all items under themes inspired by the elements.


From Mother Earth we get the practical, stable energy needed to birth, nurture, and sustain life. The Earth theme captures that sense of comfort by showcasing the love of family, friends, nature, food, and other simple joys of life. 


We communicate our thoughts as freely as we breathe. The Air theme is a study in the free-flowing exchange of ideas through literature, education, science, technology, travel, and other intellectual subjects.


With its ability to take on any shape that contains it, water has long been associated with intuition, emotion, and flexibility. The Water theme honors this association with creative expression and highlights the fluidity of art, design, and style.


Fire is visceral, sparking excitement and enlightenment. The Fire theme celebrates our enthusiasm for the mind-body connection through wellness, fitness, sports, dance, competition, and related passions.

May the power of the elements be with you!