Peacock on ledge. Photo by Ravinder Singh on Unsplash

Giving Up What Weighs You Down

“If you accept a limiting belief, then it will become a truth for you.”
Louise Hay

Whether or not we are aware of it, we’ve all carried beliefs that limit our potential.

I don’t deserve what I want because I’m not strong/smart/attractive enough.
I haven’t worked hard enough to be successful.
I’ll never succeed because I don’t fit in.
I have nothing special to offer.

And the list goes on.

Limiting beliefs are like self-sabotage. They creep in and lead us to work against achieving our goals. We recognize them in others. The talented celebrity who falls into drug abuse due to unresolved issues with their self-worth. The people pleaser who sacrifices their own needs out of a belief that “good” people put others first. The leader who exerts power through threats and intimidation out of fear of being perceived as “weak”.

How can anyone expect to live their most joyful life if they always think they aren’t worthy of it?

“Wanna fly, you got to give up the shit that weighs you down.”
Toni Morrison, Song of Solomon

Limiting beliefs weigh us down. But, we do not have to accept them as truths. We can choose to face our beliefs and reject them as untruths. We have the power to give up that which weighs us down.